•   Damien HaasWhen I first moved out to LA, I was very nervous about starting a new acting class. I had taken several in the past, but none of them really seemed to click with me. Joe’s class was the first one I ever took that really made sense to me. The acting that I was doing in there just felt natural; it was the first time I ever felt like I was having an authentic experience onstage. I’ve been involved with several different kinds of projects over the past few years, and I’ve been able to apply Joe’s teachings to all of them. That’s because his classes weren’t “here’s how to cry on cue” or “how to make someone laugh with a line delivery.” His classes were about having a true, honest experience, whether you were acting onstage, in a movie, or even in a Disney Channel sitcom.  
    DAMIEN HAAS, So Random!
  • Melanie LewisAmazing!  If you want to act in TV or Film, study with Joe Anthony.  His teaching style goes beyond a technique.  He takes you on a journey which leads to acting that is real, grounded, and effortless.  I have studied with Joe for 10 years and I've gone to other teachers but always return to Joe because what he teaches is the real thing.  No gimmicks.  No tricks.  Just honesty.  And out of this honesty in your acting you will end up feeling stronger and more confident as you pursue your career.  I cannot recommend Joe enough!  Not only has he influenced my work and career but he has also added so much to my life, which I think is a true gift of a talented teacher.  Good luck!
  • Joe looks at it as child's play.  It saves me when the camera is rolling.  You realize it's not about you, it's about the person right in front of you.  It makes it so much more enjoyable.  Thank you, Joe!
    Hayley Sales, Cedar Cove
  • Joe doesn't just teach you how to act, he awakens your humanity. While other classes I've attended have felt competitive and isolating, Joe has created a safe and nurturing environment.
    V. Kim Blish, Actress
  • Discovering Joe Anthony and studying with him both in private and group classes has transformed my approach as an actress. Auditions are now about much more than getting prospective jobs – to me they are now another chance to play. The anxiety they once elicited is now nothing but enthusiasm to bring to life a part of myself that I may not have otherwise tapped into. Joe's training has shown me the difference between the art and the business of acting and I now enjoy every step along the way to what is becoming a successful career as a working actress. I’m now getting opportunities to work with actors I have long admired and recently booked the lead role in a television pilot! I am delighted to attribute this to my training with Joe Anthony.
    Jill Michelle, The West Wing
  • Mary GallagherBefore I met Joe, I spent years studying with an acting coach who insisted I needed to see him before every audition. Consequently, I never felt like I had the ability to do my work without help and I had immense fear at auditions when I couldn’t make it to see him. Since working with Joe the past four years, it’s clear to me that relying on a coach to be a “director” ate away at my self-confidence and stunted my growth as an actress. Joe constantly reminds me that I am enough and encourages me to be a self-reliant artist. The way I view who I am and what I do has shifted. My heart has opened to the work and to the world in so many ways. And I’m booking more than ever. For that I am forever grateful.
    Mary Gallagher, Rake
  • I've worked with Joe as his coach, director and, on film, under his direction. It's always been a fun ride in search of the 'why' and in finding ways to share with the audience the discoveries, plain and simple.
    Corey Allen, Emmy Award-Winning Director
  • I was a student of Joe Anthony’s for five years and I can say from personal experience that the tools you learn in Joe’s classes not only help you as an actor, but can aid you in other endeavors. Although I now work as a school psychologist, I regularly employ the lessons I learned in Joe’s classes to serve my clients. As a student of his, he challenged me to let go of my judgments and empathize with characters whose values and world views, at least on the surface, were different than mine. His natural ability to understand how the mind operates, helped me to have authentic human experiences that left behind the manufactured tricks that I often mistakenly felt I must utilize because I was not "human" enough. It is this understanding of the human experience and ability to connect to others who are not like me that have served as the building blocks for my current profession.
    Jason Thomas, M.S., N.C.S.P.
  • Ross Lacy CastingNobody is better then Joe. I have known him for over a decade and the training and technique that he imparts to his students, not to mention the care with which he does so, shows in everyone of them when they audition for me. They are committed, easy to work with, directable and bring the skills Joe teaches. When I see his name on a resume I know they will not let me down.
    Ross Lacy, Ross Lacy Casting
  • The Goetz BrothersJoe Anthony provides an indispensable, wholly informative and challenging workshop that allows you to interact not only with the story but the characters themselves through a group of strong up and coming actors. Joe has a unique way to break down your script and characters—His workshop clues you in to the tangible bits of humanity inherent in your story, giving you the master key to fleshing out and communicating with the material. Joe’s studio provides a relaxed and very comfortable setting where we could learn and make mistakes in theory, rather than out in the real world. Each time we left, we felt that much more confident and connected to not only the script, but with our ability to communicate with actors. Joe Anthony is part psychologist, part actor, part director and part teacher. He opens your eyes to previously unseen motivations and subtext in your story. During our time together, we learned to communicate with actors from an actor's standpoint, and more importantly, from a human one. We learned to sharpen, expand, and at times, create a whole new directorial tool kit within a comfortable, informative and relaxed environment. We learned the art of shaping and seducing an actor into a certain performance, rather than just telling or barking orders at them. From a directing standpoint, Joe Anthony’s workshop is indispensable. We can think of no other single resource that has helped us hone our skills more than Joe Anthony.
    The Goetz Brothers, Scenic Route