An extension of Joe Anthony Studios, Red Door Theater strives to provide artists the opportunity to leave aside financial and commercial concerns in order to bring stories to life purely for “love of the game.” By facilitating workshop-level productions of plays at minimal cost, actors and directors are able to hone their skills and thoroughly explore plays they may otherwise never have the chance to breathe into life. Above all, Red Door Theater is a place for actors and directors to examine the substantive issues of plays without extensive regard for technical concerns and fear of catering to critics.
The actors and directors of Red Door Theater are a community of artists who sincerely love their respective crafts and are willing to work very hard to produce theater for nothing other than their own enrichment (and hopefully, your enjoyment!). Red Door Theater endeavors to invigorate existing theater audiences as well as create new theater-goers by providing engaging workshop theater productions made possible principally by donations. Above all, the theater is a space for Joe’s actors and director’s to continually work on their craft between professional opportunities.


Key Exchange by Kevin Wade
Fat Pig by Neil LaBute
Dinner With Friends by Donald Margulies
Closer by Patrick Marber
Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet

This Is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan